VCT, Linoleum, and Hard Floors

VCT, Linoleum, and Hard Floors

Your VCT, Linoleum, and Hard Floors… Rejuvenated

With our professional cleaning and refinishing methods, even dull, dirty, lifeless vinyl composition tile (VCT), linoleum, and other hard floors can be dramatically restored. Traffic patterns, other signs of wear, and most stains can be virtually erased with the appropriate cleaning solutions and our brush-mounted floor machine, because the fibers get deep into uneven or porous surfaces and flush out dirt, grime, and contaminants.

Once your floor is completely clean, a finish should be applied to help restore the shine and provide protection against scuffs, heal marks, and whatever gets tracked in on the soles of shoes. Using only the highest quality commercial floor finishes, we will ensure the proper amount of finish in each application.

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