Do you provide free estimates and consultations for service?

Yes, all of our divisions offer free estimates and consultations. We want our customers to feel informed about their options.

Do you do project cleaning or just contract cleaning?

We also do project cleaning including for homes, apartment, rental units, and construction cleaning. Additionally, we detail clean commercial kitchens, provide supplemental staffing for in house staffs, and provide specialty products and services to reduce bacteria, fungus, and mold on surfaces.

Can antimicrobial coating decrease the spread of disease?

Antimicrobial coatings inhibit the colonization of bacteria, fungus, and mold by making the surface resistant to those microbes. The nano layer ruptures the membrane and delivers an electrical shock. As long as surfaces are kept clean this layer works for between 90 and 365 days on most surfaces.

Will cleaning stone restore the shine?

Typically no, but it depends on the stone. Most calcium based stones like marble and travertine will etch when exposed to anything that is even slightly acidic. This includes cleaning chemicals, beauty products, and even some water sources. Shine is restored through the use of micro abrasives and polishing compounds.

Do the over the counter products work to restore shine?

Unfortunately, the only “shining” products that give a long term gloss are film forming finishes. Very different than a natural shine, filmed finishes are like putting floor wax on your stone and is not recommended.

Can bad mortar cause water to enter my home or business?

Definitely. Mortar has failed when it is crumbling or missing. Crumbling mortar is too porous and allows moisture to seep into the building envelope. Open voids welcome water in unhindered. Only tuckpointing fixes that problem.

I have an historic property and some of my brick is crumbling. What do I do?

In many buildings built in prior to the the early 1900’s, you find brick that was not fired at the temperatures we do today. This created a more porous brick that can absorb water. In our climate, quick freeze/thaw cycles freezing water within the brick expands and pops pieces off, called spalling. Sometimes special vapor permeable sealers can stop the damage from continuing. If the brick isn’t sound, then it will need to be replaced.

Do I need to seal my concrete after it has been laid?

Most concrete companies use a sealer that lasts about a year, after that water soaks in easily. If the aggregate in the mix is too close to the surface, spalling will occur where pieces pop out. Additionally, salt from ice melt can create stress within the structure of the concrete and cause damage. Using a professional grade sealer is critical to the ongoing performance of concrete.

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