Lasting Concrete Repair and Restoration

Although concrete is incredibly durable, it does need professional attention sometimes. If your concrete is unattractive or poses a safety hazard, it is time to give us a call.

Following are the services we provide for concrete:

  • CLEANING – We can clean your concrete, flushing out the dirt, grime, and contaminants trapped deep within the porous surface and remove most stains, as well.
  • SURFACE REPAIR – Through the use of concrete overlays, even damaged concrete patios, driveways, and walkways can be given new life and service. If your concrete has pitting or spalling, we can patch damaged areas, blending the repaired area as closely as possible with the surrounding concrete.
  • JOINT REPAIR – For joint failure, we can determine whether your flexible contraction joints should be replaced or filled in with a specially formulated concrete filler that creates a permanent (and inflexible) bond with the surrounding slab.
  • AESTHETIC SERVICES – We also provide decorative surface treatments to give your concrete a brand new look. For new construction or renovation projects, cement-based and polymer-modified overlays are a beautiful, damage-resistant flooring choice. The decorative coating adheres to the existing concrete to create a brand new, custom look.
  • PROTECTION – Matching the sealer with the application is of utmost importance to protect your concrete surfaces. For natural concrete an impregnating sealer can be used to inhibit staining and help prevent water or salt damage.

Regardless of what concrete service we provide, we always consider exposure to temperature change, moisture, traffic and use, and other considerations, and then deliver the best possible solution for your particular needs.

Visit our Services Overview page for a complete list of the services we provide.

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