Client : Restaurant owner in Peoria, IL
Info : VCT stripped and refinished

Dull, Dirty VCT Floor

The vinyl composition tiles (VCT) floor in this Peoria, IL restaurant was unattractive and unwelcoming. Although it was thoroughly cleaned and sanitized daily, the floor experienced heavy traffic—from employees in greasy sneakers to patrons in dirty work boots or high heels. VCT is porous, meaning there are tiny holes where dirt and grime may become embedded if the floor finish is allowed to wear away. This restaurant floor was overdue for a good cleaning and re-sealing.

VCT Cleaned, Stripped, and Refinished to Like New

Our deep cleaning services flushed out contaminants embedded in the porous surface. As you can see in the BEFORE image, we also completely stripped away the old layers of waxes and coatings to prepare the floor for a successful refinishing. We generously applied a high solids metal interlink polymer coating to achieve the glossy shine you see in the AFTER image. The restaurant owners were very pleased, not only with the appearance of the floor, but also that the improved smooth texture of the floor would result in easier and more productive daily maintenance.

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