Client : Homeowners in Washington, IL
Info : Tile and grout cleaned, grout lines color sealed

Dirty, Dated Grout Lines

The Washington, IL owners of this ceramic tile and sanded grout kitchen floor really disliked the appearance of the dark, dirty grout lines, and they wanted a brand new look without the hefty expense of replacing their floors. The grout lines had been previously sealed, but the color of the grout itself was an unpleasant orange-brown.

Our Solution: Deep Cleaning & Color Sealing

First, we cleaned the tile, paying special attention to the grout lines. Our deep cleaning processes flushed out the dirt and contaminants that were trapped deep within the porous surface of the grout lines. Then, our grout color sealing services produced remarkable results, dramatically transforming the appearance of the floor, as you can see for yourself in the BEFORE and AFTER images. The homeowners were very pleased with the new look.

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