Client : Small business owner in East Peoria, IL
Info : Specialty coating on signage

Small Business Image Diminished by Poor Signage

Although the stylists at Absolute Hair in East Peoria, IL were providing the highest quality hair services, the appearance of the signage sent a different message. With years of exposure to the elements, the metal showed evidence of fading and corrosion. Hoping to avoid the expense of a brand new sign, the owner gave us a call.

Our Solution: Cleaning & Protection

We cleaned the white powdery substance (produced by a corrosive process called oxidation) from the surface, and then we applied a high performance clear coating. The coating system, a restorative product not to be confused with paint, reversed the effects of oxidation, rejuvenated the color of the metal, and provided a UV stable, protective film that will prevent further oxidation for five to eight years.

Hopefully, the Absolute Hair sign will never be vandalized, but if it were, this multifaceted coating would also act as an anti-graffiti guard, greatly assisting in the removal of graffiti.


Our clients, having no idea their older sign could look new again, were thrilled with the outcome. They thanked us by giving our Founder and President, Joyce Harris, a free cut and color.

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